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Coming Soon: Edible Photos

*Under Construction*

I am going to add a small blog regarding some meals and experiments I make. As art is an extension of one’s self, and much of my self revolves around a plant-based lifestyle and cruelty free living (to humans and animals, and as much as I can–or as far as I have gone; we’re always working on improving) I’ll be sharing a little bit of this on this blog. It won’t get too “preachy,” but it will explore some of the things I’ve tried, or enjoy, in order to better achieve my goals. Though most of the art seen on this blog doesn’t seem to be related to this at all, there are projects and pieces I’ve created that reflect these views (I’ve posted some, but just not really gone into detail about their meaning.)

So feel free to join me on this journey and see what’s cooking.

I also did this as a suggestion from a friend of mine. She wanted me to get into Instagram…but I just can’t figure it out o_O. I’m not that old…am I?


This is coming soon! Thanks for your patience!



None-Comic Related Art Piece as a Place Holder until This Page is Up:


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