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This page is under construction!

This page is just some of the products I use to create art, or make prints. If you like the materials I use, and want to try out some of the stuff I use, then please feel free to follow the links provided.

By doing so, I may get a cut of the money. Probably not (so far, I haven’t earned anything in spite of a couple purchases,) but I want you to be aware I *may* make money off any purchase you make here.

I use the products myself. I’m not going to say they’ll work for everyone, but they work for me. I hope others enjoy them, as well.

Colored Prints:

I use refurbished colored inks and black in for my Cannon Pixma MX432. They are hit and miss, BUT have worked for me and saved me a lot of money. I’ve not had any problems, but some reviewers have reported issues. I always make sure the settings on the prints are at “saturation,” “Glossy Photo Paper” (which is what I use) and High quality for the print. I am also printing from Photoshop CS5, if that makes a difference.

The Ink Link:

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