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Dark Horse Up and Running!

Well, I worked all weekend, but I’ve got the page up and running. And I’ll be updating it again since I’ve made some desk arrangements with my roommate (funny how it’s my desk anyway and I had to work out getting use of it.)

So here is the actual Website to access Dark Horse and it’s new updates. I’ll be sure to update all my links on my blog here, too.

Please update any bookmarks, and always feel free to comment :D




I’ve got a lot more work to do before bed, so take care, and thanks for visiting!!!


~Blue Dragon

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I am of course keeping this as my official blog and website, however, due to the layout issues with WordPress, and my inability to figure out how to add ComicPress, I have decided to place Dark Horse on an actual comic site, so it LOOKS like a webcomic and is MUCH easier to update (I have to resize images and all kinds of stuff, update links and things for this site.) I am going to keep this site as it is mostly, with the link to the new page being attached to the Dark Horse Acts images.

I have a lot of work to do, but I began tonight. If you’d like to check out the beginnings of this move (no where NEAR complete) just follow this link: Look! When you click on this link, it takes you automatically to the *newest* page! You no longer will have to scroll down to select the page I just uploaded :) And I think it will let you save where you left off, but I just started the account tonight, so I’ll play around with it and see if that’s true :)

I will not be changing anything here until I have the comic fully uploaded, at which point, I will simply take the pages currently here down and link them to the new site. Unfortunately, if anyone commented on those pages, those comments will be deleted with the page :( But…on the plus, I think I’m the only one who’s commented at all on most of the pages ;)


I AM STILL USING THIS FOR MY BLOG!!!  So please keep popping in here :D You shouldn’t notice too much difference, other than a webcomic looking like a webcomic! I will keep my webshorts on this site, as I don’t want to mess with making a page for them over there :)


Also, after not having time or a chance to draw for literally MONTHS, I have finally squeezed in time to draw only more of Act 4 of Dark Horse (sketches,) but also picked up a commission :D

As I haven’t had time to scan in any pictures, I’m going to post some crappliy photographed drawring (I know, it’s drawings.)


Here’s some stuff I will be coloring some point soon for commission:




I need to get my Mac set up on a desk (which I currently don’t have…I’ve been using my roommate’s desk. It’s a long story what happened to my old desk) before I can continue screentoning Dark Horse.  But I have been working on the story and getting some more of the Acts sketched out for inking. I hope to share some more of these sketches soon :)


Thanks for visiting!


The Blue Dragon

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Having Difficulties Working

I’m sorry for such a long interlude between posts and updates. I’ve been disgustingly busy, and my desk that I use to work on is nearly falling apart. I need to purchase a new one from a used furnature stores, but I haven’t had time or money. Hopefully soon I can get back into updating, but as for now, I’m sorry to say I’ve nothing new to post :(

Please forgive my  delays!


Blue Dragon

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Planning to Post Soon

Hello everyone!

I apologize for my absence–work has taken away from leisure time and I haven’t had a chance to work on the manga. I plan on posting some new pages this weekend, if all goes well.


I have been drawing Act 4, so here’s a little sneak peak at what’s to come:

This will line up when I’m done


And that’s all I’m sharing right now! :D More to come, soon! I have to get this done! And…I’m no where near finished!

Enjoy the drawings!


The Blue Dragon


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Lotus Sutra…Ginsberg Revisited?

Nah, just kidding. I got the title from Allen Ginsberg’s “Sunflower Sutra,” in his collection of poems from Howl. I always like that poem, though “America” is probably my favorite (over “Howl,” by far.) So this is one of those drawings that I did a long time ago, and decided to fix up and hopefully improve. I may redo it again sometime.

Here is the original, probably from 2005 or 2006:


I also re-drew one of Rhina and colored it:

I think I’ve made quite a few improvements, but still have more work to do. We can always improve, right?


Well, check out the new page from Dark Horse,  and have a nice evening everyone!

The Blue Dragon


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Web-Short Added

G’ Evening!

Just got done updating somethings. Not having Internet at home, but a website to update, is a bit of a bitch! But, I’ve got the next couple pages for Dark Horse lined up and ready to post, and I added a new Web-Short I’ve had done for a couple weeks now. Please check it out!


The chica in this one, that’s not Kanna, is Ms. Karen Blu. She’s based on a friend of mine from college. We haven’t seen each other in a while…I hope she’s doing well. Anyhow, I have snuck many of friends  into the series, though their personalities and all are going to differ from the people who inspired them.

Well, I got to head home now. Hope you all stay warm, unless you’re already in a warm climate, in which case, keep cool!

The Blue Dragon

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No Delays in Posts!

Good day everyone!

Well, I was kinda gloom and doom in my previous post. I really didn’t think I’d get a chance to work on any screen toning, but as it turns out, I got two more pages done, and I finished inking the page I’m adding. So I shouldn’t have any trouble scanning it and hopefully toning it. I have been working a lot of overtime, but as we just got back from Winter Break, I think I’ll take it easy and not jump right in hard core (the students don’t know we’re here yet–at least, not most of them.)

Also worked a bit more on the script for Act…I think it’s 14. That or Act 12. I am pretty far out, so far as story-boarding goes. It’s just drawing, inking, screening, and uploading that take a bit. Well, hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot done this year, and I want to thank you all for dropping by to check out the site!

At some point I’ll be posting some images in this thread, just not much to post at the moment. Also, since I didn’t make it clear, Dark Horse was updated this past Sunday, so there is a new page ready for viewing.

I’m hoping to at some point ask around and see if anyone knows how to do Comic Press, so I can make this site more comic friendly. We’ll see what happens with that.

Have a Happy New Year everyone! Let’s hope for the best in 2014!


The Blue Dragon

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Head’s Up

Just a little comment about the status of Dark Horse comic, and other postings. I’ve been working a ton of overtime, making presents, working a second part time job, and planning a two day tour with some people I know. Long and the short of it, I haven’t had time to work on screen toning. I have one more page up and ready to go, and I may be able to get one more page toned and ready for next time. However, I had to draw some new pages to fix the continuity of the comic, and have it make a little more sense in the up coming pages (they were all done and drawn before I worked on future “scripts” for later Acts, and they didn’t include important plot lines.) So after the next two pages, it may take me a while to get back on schedule.

I hope to get some of my projects posted soon, though.  I have a mixed media painting I did for Marc for Christmas, and I have some crochet and sewing projects I’d like to share, too. So, that’s that on what’s going on right now.

Do look for the next page coming soon! If I have a chance on Sunday, I’ll post it then, otherwise, I should have time on December 28th!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Blue Dragon


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Art Stuffs and Very Loose Review of Art Pop

Since I no longer have Internet, I was unable to post a page of Dark Horse last week. I had it finished, though! I’ll be posting today or tomorrow, so I don’t fall behind.

Well, for those who celebrate, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Looking forward to Christmas this year, so I can finally see my family again! It’s been a while since I had a chance to head home :(

I have some projects in the work for gifts this year, so just as with last year, I’ll try to post things I’ve been making. More crafts than “art” this year.


At some point I’ll be working on a short/one-shot manga featuring Glam elements, since I love that type of music (in addition to all the other genres I enjoy *Beatles*) So, in honor of this, I’m going to do a very short review of Lady Gaga’s (like Lady Stardust…I think she even used to sing with some Chick who called her self that) new CD. It would be pointless for me to go back and review the Glam greats because, well, that’s all been done a million times. So why not tackle something new?

I have been listening to the new Lady Gaga CD quite a bit over the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s a lot that works with this album, and a few things that I feel could have been better. All in all, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit, and like the “Art” theme of this one. You see more strongly the Glam Rock/Art influence on this album, although I would argue it was there on The Fame, also (Bowie fans will know what I’m talking about.) Click on the images to view their original sources. Please consider that my citation for the photos :D

If you watch the “Applause” video, you’ll see a part where her face is painted all slipshod, as well as the above image which appears less frequently than the afore mentioned imagery. Compare it to David Bowie on the Scary Monsters album cover, or even the “Life on Mars” video. I think you’ll see the obvious throw-back this portion of Gaga’s video is giving to Glam God David Bowie. Also, the first line of the song is referencing (almost certainly,) Marc Bolan’s song (with T-Rex, I believe following the departure of Steve Peregrin Took from the two-man band) “Bang a Gong (Get it On).” T-Rex was one of the first Glam Bands, even before David Bowie (although their roots is are more…I don’t know how to describe. Just listen to the Unicorn album and you’ll know what I mean. Trippy British folk? I dunno.)

There’s also something of an alien/greek god(dess)/outer space theme going on in the second track of the album–Venus. *I’d like to see someone make a good Sailor Moon video to this song* But all that aside, you can tell there was some glam/Bowie influence here. Granted, it’s very pop. And it doesn’t have much substance to it, but it’s still a fun tune. I like it.

Well, I got more research to do for my second job (social media stuff) so until next time!


The Blue Dragon

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At long last! New Dark Horse Page!

Although I’ve been working a lot of overtime, and have been nursing my poor mouth after my wisdom teeth were extracted, I did find a bit of time to work on screen-toning. Hurray! So, if you’d like to check up on the latest Dark Horse page, feel free to click here!

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