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Just an Old Fashioned Blog Post…

I have Three Dog Night on my mind for some odd reason…

So today I got the Title Page for Dark Horse Act 3 done. Hurray!

It’s been a while since I had to write in the Title font. But here it is :D

Here’s the inspiration for Kanna’s Dress :)


I also thought I’d post the first cover I ever did for Dark Horse, which I didn’t like then, or now…but anyway, I’ll let you see what the cover looked like for my college project:




I haven’t had much time to work on art this week :( Next weekend I will be out of town, so I probably won’t get much done next week, too :( I apologize ahead of time!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


~The Blue Dragon~

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Two Posts so Close together?

So I’ve known for some time I needed to get a Title Page done for Dark Horse Act 3: The New Deal. Back when I’d first started this comic, I’d drawn out something heavily inspired by Sailor Moon, in that it was cutesy and had like star mint candies in the background. I had Rhina holding Odysseus in his dragon form, and Kanna like with her arm around Rin’s shoulders, petting Odysseus. I can’t find this TERRIBLY rendered image now, but if I find it, I’ll scan it in and post it for a comparison.

Well, I wanted to keep the same idea…but Kanna really isn’t cool with the dragon. She’s still kinda wary of what he is (uh…rightfully so, but Rin’s an airhead, so she’s all at it.) I thought it’s be better to express this in the title page. And, for the hell of it, cool Asian clothing! This time not Indian themed. I think Rin’s dress is more Thai (can’t tell…I got the idea from an advertisment sent to someone at work and it didn’t say the inspiration) and Kanna’s dress is like a Chinese dress I found online. Made Kanna’s hairstyle up because I didn’t like the Chinese lady’s hair style, which looked like a 1980s Duran Duran model. Nothing against that, just not what I was going for.

So here’s the sketch I came up with! Please let me know what you think!


Until next time!

~The Blue Dragon~


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Don’t Forget You Can Get Off the Conveyor!

So….yeah, just singing this song here:

Start at 13:21, I just can’t find this song anywhere that’s the actual version :/ Youtube…love hate relationship. <>

Because I just spent all day (aside from two walks to the gas station-because I was lacking .10 for my purchase-and walkies for Julius…and a run for some Almond Dream ice-cream, the cheapest “vegan” ice-cream I could find) working on Paige’s Commission! I wish I could do art full time, get off “the conveyor” and just do my own thing ;)

Here’s some stuff I did. It took all day because of the stones. ~Le sigh. But I’m happy with it! I really like how these babies turned out :D


When viewing this image think:

And finally:


I’ve also been working on my buffer for Dark Horse, Act 3. Got 3 pages done!!!! Yay!


Well, I’ll have more soon! Enjoy the songs (if you’re checking out Reverend and the Makers, I love “Heavy Weight Champion of the World,” too! Give it a go ; ) )


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Completed Image!!!

I forgot to mention in my last post, that I finally completed the following digital image:



So eventually I’ll finish the painting, but I haven’t had much time to work on that kind of art. I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product, as it will be framed (like, I mean, each image is framed with another image. I hope you all like the end result. It’ll be a while, so you may not want to keep that on your radar :O


Dark Horse updated yesterday, so please be sure to check it out!!!

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Up Next…more drawrings. :P

Yep, finally got some time to work on this commission some more. I wish my full time job was art. But, that’s the way it is right now :D


Here are two more drawings.









Okay, so I am trying to work on some more of these today. Maybe have more to post later ;D


Not much to say. Act 3 of Dark Horse is in the process of being screentoned, so that will be coming up in May!!! Don’t worry, posts are still being made, including a web short series I made :D I’m excited!


Keep on reading and visiting! Feel free to make requests, too.


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Just something I brewed Up…

So, I’ve been MIA on the blog. But not because I haven’t been working. Quite the contrary. Dark Horse Act 2 is completely screen-toned, and I’m gearing up to begin on screening Act 3. I am very excited! I didn’t think I’d get this far so quick :D

So at the same time, I’m working on the script for Act 17, which is going to go into some of the things happening before Odysseus goes back in time. For this act, I sketched up a little drawing of Queen Keisuma. I need to make her face look a little more like…well, like her actual character, unless I just change the way she looks (it’s been so long since I first drew her! And everyone’s changing a little bit…) Well, anyway, here’s the sketch.


So Keisuma has different “stages” of her demon body. Around majority humans, she’ll hide from view via magic her tail and horns and ears. Sometimes, she’ll let Kanna’s body come out enough to just simply look like Kanna (she is possessing the body, after all.) But when she actually transforms, she looks more and more demon-like. Perhaps we will get to see her true forms? But that’s a looooooong way off >:D


And another little sneak peak…this one from Act 3 :)


This is part of one of the panel’s in Act 3. So…the girls are going to finally hear about this thing for the first time :D Yay! I wanted it to look kinda like George Harrison’s Dark Horse label, but also be it’s own beast: hence the several heads.

I also have a WIP, but I won’t have time to finish him in a while :( But, this one is of Odysseus. I made him a little darker so he looks more of Greek decent (although, his mom is Caucasian. Meh, it works…)

More to come later, but remember: even when I haven’t updated this blog, Dark Horse is updating bi-weekly on Comic Fury! Check it out here! Subscribe! And as always, enjoy yourselves!!!


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I Worked Double Time!

I did so much this weekend!  I inked a million pages! (okay, not a million) And I screentoned fifty! (well, more like two.) And I updated everything on the Dark Horse Comic site! (More like the Extras Page which is now Character Profiles, made all the character images–some were done, others I had to color, the banner/title, and….I added a couple pages.)

I intend to work hard over the week to start coloring the 10 commission pages I inked. Gah, I really did do a tone of inking combined with after work, and one day during my lunch hour (I forgot my lunch so I came home…and ate, then got to inking!) I am excited to get the rest of these colored and sent off on their happy way!

I inked the entirety of Act 3 (what I hadn’t done a year ago.) This was like, 18 pages or more. Wow! So, there’s only a couple (seriously, three or four) more pages of Act 2 to screentone, then we’ll be on our way to Act 3!!!! Very excited!

I am not updating Dark Horse 2 days a week! Wowza! You should all go check it out! The site is coming together quite nicely, and I have a 10 readers (well, subscribed readers) already! Please join, or check it out!

Okay, I have work tomorrow, so I must finish my tea and hit the hay! My herbal stuffs are kicking in already, and I’m starting to go cross eyed!

Here’s a colored Oisin for you all! I am very proud of how he turned out!

Oisin, The Irish/Scottish Brogue




Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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March Right in!

Gah, it’s March already! But, that means Spring is hopefully almost here!

So tired of winter.

So two new images for the commission :)

And here’s the other :D

Actually, I need to feather the edges of that first one…thought I did it last night, but must not have :/ Or must not have saved it as a .jpg.

Thanks for stopping in! Send questions, comments, suggestions, anything of the sort my way!


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Been Sick all Week :*(

Well, I’ve been home sick for the majority of this week. I am starting to feel a little better…but I am so behind on everything! I plan to work on more art this weekend, and deliver three images to my friend for her commission. The following is one of those.


I am also very sad to hear that one of our Sci/Fi greats has passed away, Mr. Leonard Nemo. What a great guy, very funny, and he is a legend who will be missed :*(

Please also keep checking for weekly updates of Dark Horse; last week I had been productive enough to post two pages! So things are moving along nicely for the comic :)

I also welcome comments! Please let me know if you’re enjoying the story so far. I am trying to make it more involved from these early chapters, but I haven’t gotten my newer acts even sketched! I am all the way up to Act 11 if you’d believe it! But I have only just begun sketching Act 4!!!  Wow!

For fun a short while back, I did a “gender swap” for three of the main characters. I am sharing it with you here :D

This was just a little fun forum challenge I decided to part take in :)

Hope to have more art soon! I also hope to feel better :*( Play the world’s tiniest fiddle for me.


~The Blue Dragon~


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A Pocket Full of Sixpence…

I am hoping to have time to work on more than one of these per week. However, for now, here’s the newest one :D



Looking forward to finishing this series! So excited, if it gets turned into a book :D

Also, Dark Horse continues to be updated regularly. In March, I am going to have a colored page, for those who enjoy seeing more than two colors of the spectrum (or…er…one of those is the lack of color…I can’t tell on computers if it’s black or white…cause it’s like light shining out at you, but then again, maybe it’s pigments of a sort in the screen? I am showing my ignorance here…)



~The Blue Dragon~


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