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We’re open for Commissions!

Blue Dragon Art is taking commissions.

I primarily focus on cartoon/anime inspired art.

My main materials are pen and sumi ink with digital colors. I also use colored inks and Copic alcohol markers (non-archival) to add color to traditional pieces. I will draw existing characters of your design (fan art), original characters to your specification, or art of my own characters from my free web comics. I also take commissions for book illustrations and cover art.

Below are samples of my pricing. You may also see examples of my work. My YouTube and BitChute channels demonstrate my process. If you’d like to commission Blue Dragon Art, please send your requests to

Full payment is required prior to receiving your commission, however, I am also willing to take half price up front, if you’d like to see the sketch and mock up first. These will not be finished products, but rather guides to show you where the finished piece is heading. If you request this option, I am willing to make changes prior to finishing a piece.


We accept Paypal for payments! If you don’t have Paypal, I’m happy to work with you on payment. 


Chibi characters (flat color, full body)
Characters (flat color, full body)
Characters (value)
Detailed Characters (complex backgrounds, etc)
Cover Art (flat colors / simple)
Cover Art (complex / value / highly detailed)


Chibi characters
Characters (flat color, no background)
Characters (detailed background)
Cover art or larger pieces

*I charge shipping for any piece sent via postal mail that is under $35 (within the United States). Pieces sent digitally through e-mail, Google Drive, or other online transfers incur no shipping fees.

Any commission is subject to being shared to my social media as a means of self promotion and for my portfolio. Upon request, I will add a watermark to these images.


Digital art:


Traditional art:

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