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Full name: Robert (“Bobby”) Oisin Gallagher (goes by middle name)

Birth Date: July 28, 1980

Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

Blood Type: B-

Family: Mother, Father, half brother. Large extended family he grew up with in Scotland (though he was Irish born.)

Pets: None

Description: Having been raised with a large extended family, he became something of a joker to distinguish himself. Craving attention, he also became a huge ladies man, which he will fight against later when he discovers his father, working abroad in England, has another son with a women in London. He dresses casual to snappy (to attract the ladies.) Came to America in 1999 on a scholarship, but dropped out. Meets up with Kanna after the fall of modern civilization. Considers Odysseus competition. Once upon a time played bass for a punk group with his mates: the band never went anywhere, and he moved to the U.S.

Weapons and Special Abilities:  Broad sword. His magic attacks tend to be fire-elemental.  He also knows martial arts (learned when he dropped out of college and became a bouncer for a night club in California) and is a great pick-pocket (which comes in handy.)

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