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Guardians of the Crystal Lotus

Dark Horse-Series 1

(In Progress)
As modern civilization crumbles under he yolk of a genetic supremacist organization (The Faction), the Fae Folk begin to reemerge: some wishing to aid in man’s struggle, others wishing to bring mankind to its knees. From the ashes of man’s plight, rise seven unlikely heroes imbued with the power to save, or destroy, all that exists.

Fueling the chaos is the Demon Keisuma, awakened from her deep slumber. Her motives for seeking world domination are unclear, yet she becomes the main driving force hindering the human world from healing. Together, with her subordinates and enslaved servants, she grips the world with an iron fist.

To make matters worse, the Fae Folk’s most talented oracle has predicted the rise of a Dark Horse, a being capable of destroying all of humanity and the world.

The Guardians of the Crystal Lotus, those possessing the power of seven crystals manifested within themselves, must defend the world from the prospect of the Dark Horse, Keisuma, and the remains of what had once been The Faction.

Seishin (Spirit)-Series 2

As the battle with Keisuma comes to an end, a new enemy emerges. For some time, a young dæmon named Reiki has been sabotaging those with the crystal lotus, claiming they are the true enemies of the world. His presence causes Rhina, Kanna, and the others to seriously question where their powers come from, why they were chosen, and how they can set things right in a world attempting to adjust to the reintroduction of the Fae Folk Realms.

Along the way, they will encounter angered spirits continuing their feud from beyond the grave. Rhina hopes to help solve the mystery behind the crystals’ powers, while also stopping the battle raging between the spirits of old.

Rakshasas (Demon)-Series 3

Ally. Enemy. These lines have become blurred. Who’s in the right? Rhina questions this over and over. In her search for truth, a revelation is reached–not all is as it seems and who’s pulling the strings may in fact be their greatest threat. Have they been fighting for the wrong side? Or has Reiki lied to them? And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, lurks in the shadows of a distant land? Rhina and her friends may have to bend time and space to confront their worst fears and discover the real truth about themselves and who their master is. In the far land of India lies their answers. Can they uncover their real purpose before it’s too late to redeem themselves? Or will they be consumed by their fate?

Ryuunin (Dragoons)-Series 4

Epiphany attained. Meaning found. Though these warriors have come a long way, their journey is not over yet. To obtain their full potential, the seven must face a trial against themselves and their worse fears. Only then can they truly recognize their calling. Only then will they become Dragoons. In preparation for their final battle, Rhina and her comrades will face a test of courage and fortitude.

Nirvana (Heaven)-Series 5

Synopsis not available for Nirvana at this time.

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