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As modern civilization crumbles under the yoke of a genetic supremacist organization, the Fae Folk begin to reemerge: some wishing to aid in man’s struggle, others wishing to bring mankind to its knees. From the ashes of man’s plight rise seven unlikely heroes imbued with the power to save, or destroy, all that exists.

The Whimper in the Dark

Some violence/gore
A view into strange happenings as seen not by humans, who miss the events entirely, but rather through the eyes of a mixed rescue dog, Jack, and his not-so-attentive Boston Terrier friend, Julius. Journey with them as horrific terrors constantly threaten their environs, people, and the world around them.


The full one-shot story of Kristina Kool, space trucker and adventurer. Join her on a psychedelic trip across the universe, meeting new peoples, flora, and fauna that are out of this world!

This will be an anthology comic that updates randomly, containing Kristina Kool exploits, as well as other one-shots by Blue Dragon Art.


Printing zines from home can be groovie! Check out these zines! (Comic Fury Zine contains artwork from other indie artists).

Below are digital images of some of the zine’s I’ve made for Dark Horse. The above video also contained a sample of the FREE Comic Fury Zine publication that myself and other indie artists put together for readers to enjoy. Kristina Kool, featured in the CFZ “Psychedelica,” will have an unabridged version of the one-shot featured on this page. Comic Fury Zine also has its own website. To download and read all the CFZ volumes, check out our Back Issues page! Not safe for work zines are labeled as such.

Want to make your own mini 8 page zine? It prints on one side! My partner created this open source coding for all to use. FYI: make sure your files aren’t massive for this to work.

Dark Horse Zines (One-Shots) Coming Soon!

Night Hustle-NSFW (2021)

What Dreams May Come? (2022)

On the Beach (2023)

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Coming 2024!) Available in Aradia Beat Zine in 2023 (Illustrated 2022)

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