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Full name: Odysseus Rhoros

Birth Date: November 20, 1985

Zodiac: Scorpio

Chinese Zodiac: Bull

Blood Type: AB+

Family: Mother and Father, divorced. No siblings.

Pets: None

Description: Does not suffer fools lightly. He comes from a broken home: a bad divorce between his father and mother. His father eventually moved back to Greece so he wouldn’t have to pay child support (out of spite towards Odysseus’ mom, not due to poverty,) and therefore Odysseus grew up very poor in Chicago, Illinois. He was very close to his mother. He is extremely loyal to those who gain his trust, and is willing to give his life for those who break through his “barrier.” He dresses casual to conservative. Which is totally reflected by being shirtless in this character depiction (joking.)

Weapons and Special Abilities: He more often than not uses his glaive, which is his Crystal Lotus weapon. He’s also handy with a sword. His magic tends to be derived from organic/plant matter. He also knows martial arts, and can absorb some energy from his opponents-a skill learned from Keisuma.

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