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Full name: Kandace Vanessa Chase (she hates her first name, always goes by Kanna)

Birth Date: May 15, 1984

Zodiac: Taurus

Chinese Zodiac: Rat

Blood Type: O-

Family: Mother and Father. Deceased older brother who had been studying abroad in Germany. Died in a plane crash returning home (just a short time prior to the war-she didn’t have a lot of time to mourn him before it all broke out. He’s still alive at the very beginning of the comic. He dies in June on his return home–they go forward in time at the end of May.)

Pets: Tortoise Shell cat named Chester

Description: Fifteen at the beginning of the story. She’s strong willed, but flexible around friends—especially when pressured. Will hold her ground when she really doesn’t agree. Somewhat insecure, especially after her brother’s death, so this contributes to her possession. Moderately strict Catholic. She has a very unusual relationship with Odysseus. He likes Rhina, but feels guilty for Kanna’s possession and attempts to form a bond with her. She likes him, but she doesn’t know in what way, and has conflicting views of what she wants (much tied into her religious beliefs.) In the future, she’s only slightly attracted to him. Present day, she likes him a lot, though wouldn’t admit it since…he tried to kill her you know. She’s very trustworthy, passionate about her goals, and compassionate. Dependable, responsible, reliable.

Weapons and Special Abilities: Bow and arrow, but prefers throwing stars: projectile weapons. When pressed, she uses a rapier or pole. Actual Crystal Lotus Weapon—Bow and arrow. Also has magical attacks with Light base.

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