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Some Great Web Comics:

(in alphabetical order)

Ava’s Demon has gorgeous artwork, and it’s so easy to read. Different from most comics I’ve read. Enthralling story, and the author’s already explained that the story is complete (so no hiatus!!!!) A must read for Sci/fi Fantasy fans! Ava’s been haunted by a demon her whole life, which has caused her to be ostracized by everyone. Upon a turning point in her life, she makes a deal with the demon to help defeat the emperor of the universe, Titan, in return for a second chance at a normal life. This takes her on a journey to other planets as she seeks allies to help defeat the world conqueror, Titan.

WARNING! Not for children! NSFW

I love  comic! It’s about a young girl who accidentally releases demons from an ancient book. But not all is what it initially appears to be. Really engrossing story, but not for people who aren’t prepared for violence, sex, demons, and nudity. In other words, it’s right up my alley ^o^

WARNING! Not for children! NSFW!!!

This is a really good comic. I’ve read it all up to it’s current page, and keep coming back. Really talented guy here. I highly suggest checking it out! I even have started buying the comic, even though it’s free online 😀 Synopsis: Maytag is a fun loving, high spirited jester girl who’s not all she seems. After meeting a young man named Crest, he will be sucked into the lives of both Maytag and Bernadette, a near legendary warrior seeking to prove herself and become a knight. The story starts off pretty light hearted, but grows darker as a strange figure known as the Thin Man sets his eyes on the group for their talents.

WARNING! Not for children! NSFW!!!

This one is ONLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. It’s got a lot of sexual references…as evidenced by the first comic. But if you’re of age and not over sensitive, you may enjoy this web-comic. I like it 😀 Does this make me a perve? Oh well!

I ♥ Stupid Fox, as it is adoooooooorible! And her art is so incredibly amazing! This is a comic for all ages. Anyone will like it if they like cute stuff 🙂


The Book of Three

This is the introduction to one the greatest, and one of my favorite, adventure/coming of age stories I’ve ever read: The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. It’s all but forgotten by most these days, but thankfully there are those who remember! And this woman who is illustrating the book of three is following the book to a “T.” This is beautifully illustrated, and seriously a fantastic read for anyone. I read the books as a kid, but any age group could easily enjoy this comic! I’m not even going to leave a synopsis: don’t just take my word for how great this is! Find out by clicking the banner 😀 Loosely based on Welsh mythology (loosely.)

This comic is amazing! I started reading it in one day and just about couldn’t stop! Has a couple story lines going, but is basically about a girl who is to be heir to the “king of thieves” (in so many words) venturing to a cousin’s with an undead body guard. Along the way, they encounter mysterious murders cloaked as part of an illegal slave trade, and the elite guard of a neighboring country. Lots going on in this one. Fantastic illustration. Great story line. Highly recommended!


I know they no longer update this comic, but man is this one hilarious! I also enjoyed reading the 3 volumes they put out in stores. You can check out my review of these comics here. Lots of comedy, lots of anime/manga references and just a good time for all. I highly suggests checking it out!

Fun To Read Web Comics:

 A Day

No banner for this one :*( Fantastic artwork! I found this via the artists’ Deviant Art page. It’s really cool. If you like the Assassin’s Guild games, you’ll probably like this comic 🙂

Blogs and Vlogs:

My absolute FAVORITE manga instructor. I bought his three Mastering Manga books, and I feel they have helped me a great deal. He really helps explain things well, and since his videos are free (granted, there are commercials, but really, he’s giving lessons for free,) I wanted to help support him by getting these books. In the end, it helped me out probably more than him! I also intend to buy some of his comic series, when I get some money 😀 If you want to improve your drawing, please check him out!

Heavens’ Voices

I don’t think this blog is updated anymore, but I still enjoyed puttering about it 🙂

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