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Mom and Me

Me (left) and Mom (right).

Cerulean Dreams

is an art-blog, web comic, and graphics site. It was kind of a place for me to yammer on about manga, art, and post hopefully improvements on my style. While I don’t intend to write a lot of new blogs, I will post occasional updates about my web comics, Dark Horse and The Whimper in the Dark. I am hoping to update this blog to be more like a portfolio in 2023, however, as I primarily work on my comics and images for patrons/subscribestars, I am not nearly as active on this blog as I once was. Some reformatting coming soon!

In the meanwhile, much of my old (and in parts out dated) musings may still be found here. Please keep in mind, most of these were written years ago, and may not reflect my current understanding or views.  That said: need to know more about manga? Check out Cerulean Sessions! There’s additional information and examples of different genres.

Want to know more about a specific manga title, but don’t want to buy it first? Read some of the manga I’ve reviewed at Blue’s Reviews! If you think you’d like to buy a manga or anime reviewed, I hope my review helped out!

Have an idea to improve the site? Not a spambot? Drop us an e-mail from our contacts page!

I take requests/commissions. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me. Just check out the Shop for prints and art that’s currently up for sale (this is in SORE NEED of updating. So please check with me if something interests you). And if you’d like to subscribe to my Patreon, you may now do so!

Thanks for your visit! Have fun.

Ashleen Woods Arnett
~Blue Dragon~

FYI: I protect the copyright of my art 🙂 Please be respectful!


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