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7/24/19 Update
Starting in August, 2019, I’m reviving this part of my blog, but it’s going to be different from my old reviews. I will open with random thoughts or stories relating to or reminding me of the manga, give a detailed summary (spoiler,) give my pros and cons, and follow up the review with closing thoughts on whether I recommend it or not.

I am working on making this page more attractive. I have the links listed, but am trying to add cover images that you can click on the thumbnail to access the review. Dates of the review will be included in the thumbnail, so you know if it’s old or new.

Expect a new review every other Saturday, starting August 3, 2019.

I’ve been able to renew my Amazon Affiliates program (for a while, it wasn’t allowed in Missouri.) If you are interested in buying one of the manga, and you’d like to support this blog, please feel free to click on the ads I’ll have there. I’ll have them on mangas I don’t recommend, but if you end up not liking the series, don’t say I didn’t warn you XD Or come back and tell me I’m wrong and we can have a conversation!

My rating scale for each series or manga is as follows: recommended, neutral, not recommended.  I color code it, too! Ooooooo, colors!

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