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Stickers & Miscellaneous

To make a purchase, e-mail me at

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We are currently accepting money orders and checks for services. For original artwork, money orders only. Checks and money orders can be made out to Ashleen Woods. Once things are up and running smoothly, we intend to offer paypal for your convenience. Thanks for being patient!


3 x 3.5 (approx.)-$5

Green Man


Bumper Stickers-$3.50 each

Business Cards-Free!

You’re helping me out if you take a business card, soooo, you can print it off for free, or I’ll send ya some for only the cost of a postage stamp. With in reason–if you ask for like 20, I might need to charge for more postage. But hey, fair’s fair, right? Oh, the business cards I send will have an address on them. I haven’t gotten a P.O. Box yet for my current location 🙂

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