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Full name: Mia Ana Denley

Birth Date: March 12, 1986

Zodiac: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Blood Type: AB+

Family: Mother and Father. Many Aunts and Uncles, but none of them in Oregon (no one really knows what happened to them after war broke out.) Paternal grandparents in Maine, Maternal grandmother in Arizona, Maternal grandfather deceased. No siblings (her mother had a miscarriage prior to the war due to a car wreck.)

Pets: An outside dog, beagle mix (Morgan)

She’s younger than Kanna and Rhina by two years, but in their class. Very intelligent, especially in biology/anatomy. She always wanted to be an artist, but her parents insisted she become a doctor like them. Her mother was a surgeon (specialized in amputations and re-attachments,) her father was a geneticist (specialized in gene therapy.)

Weapons and Special Abilities: At first just hand to hand combat, but during the war she begins studying martial arts in her spare time. In the future, she takes on tekko-kagi (hand claws.) Her preferred weapon, however, is a huge revolver: a magnum as her secondary.

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