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A Post-Apocalyptic World…

At the turn of the century, a genetic supremacist organization called “GIFT,” also known as the Faction by the Allied Nations, rose to prominence. As geneticist extremists, they fathered two highly contagious  airborne viruses to “wipe the slate clean” of anyone susceptible to the virus. This included members of their own society, as a sacrifice to “purify” the world of as many genetic diseases as possible. The remaining members waged war against their governments. Cells existed world-wide, and a collaborative effort between purists around the globe.

A third of the population of the U.S., and presumably the world wide, fell to illness before “The Savior” released her power across, healing the few sick who hadn’t succumb to the virus, and any others who had pre-existing conditions. The light came from the West, and while governments collapsed and martial law took over, many took up pilgrimage to find the source of the healing power. Others remained in shells of cities, or took up homestead on abandoned farms.

Those migrating West were shocked to discover the locals determined a young girl, Kandace Vanessa Chase, had emitted the powerful energy. Without an official U.S. government, it was suggested by what few politicians remained that as a sign of good faith for humankind Kanna be named “Queen” as a figure head for the government. This was met by mixed emotion from Kanna herself and others believing the move was dogmatic and dangerous. At the same time, the people needed to be rallied around some icon to raise moral and combat The Faction, and so Kanna agreed to do what she could, although her powers were tied closely with her emotional state.

Communication between nations was cut off. With a lack of skilled technicians, most people did not understand how most technology functioned. In an initiative spear-headed by Kanna, the state of Oregon sent word out along the coast calling for anyone with technical knowledge. Some messengers also braved the desert, heading East to reconnect with other survivors. Kanna requested the assistance of skilled workers, and unskilled alike (herself falling in the later) to join the make-shift government for reconstruction, while also building defense against The Faction. Some in Northern California, and many in Washington agreed to form an alliance, creating the temporary State/Country of Oregonia (to differentiate between official state and temporary state.)

Between the home-constructed bombs of GIFT and the assault made on them by the government prior to its deterioration, the vale between the world of man and the world the Fae had been worn in some areas of West (and, more than likely, the same had occurred elsewhere.) Stories of strange creatures began to rise among the people, and the idea of having a “magical queen” for protection slowly grew in popularity, and was at last accepted by most. The temporary government instilled Kanna as their official Queen, and thus we have the setting of the “future.”

This information will be revealed through Dark Horse, however, these chapters are yet to be created.


*Updated 6/27/2018*


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