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Blue Thoughts and Cerulean Dreams

April 6, 2010

Hey-o! Wow, this has been a long time coming! I’ve always been interested in art and drawing, but I never thought when I was a kid I’d actually get and say “Let’s start a blog site and get published (or maybe I did :P). Anywho, I really hope everything is up to your expectations, and that you enjoy manga and art as much as I do! Maybe sometime I’ll go into the whole art thing. It’s really been my passion since I a wee lass. The web comic deal is something I’ve always thought was a cool idea. I used to read things like Penny Arcade, and there was this short lived Cabbages and Kings one that I don’t think is out there anymore. But I was never really sure if I could do that or not…I mean, those guys had one episode complete usually in a quippy one page comic. I can do one page things like that, but I’m more into series, so I figure, if some people read manga online, then why shouldn’t I put a comic? Not my published work, simply because I’ve spent a lot of money getting it printed, but something new would be awesome! Thus, Devil May Take You has been born. I’ve been wanting to turn this into a comic for a long time, almost since I wrote it a couple years back. But, I’ve been so occupied with Dark Horse (and it is going to be a long series), that I didn’t have any time to start something new. I did design the cover page, though, to remind me that I wanted to change it into a manga. I’m so excited to finally have it out on the drawing table! This doesn’t mean I’m not gonna work on Dark Horse, though. Nope! I’ve already got Volume 2 inked and partially scanned into the computer, so I’ll be working on adding the digital screen tones soon. For those of you who like Fushigi Yûgi (Yû Watase) and Full Metal Alchemist (Hiromu Arakawa), this manga was inspired by them and the beautiful colors, patterns, and rich religion of India. You can’t see much of that in Volume 1, but trust me, it’s coming! I got the Dark Horse title from George Harrison, of my favorite music group, The Beatles. Wow! I’ve talked my way up to several paragraphs! I guess I’ll end this post for now. Please e-mail me if you’ve got suggestions or just want to talk! Jyaa mata! Ashleen Woods AKA ~The Blue Dragon~

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