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Devil May Take You and Updates

Hey you guys,

well, I’m happy to say I have finally arrived at the end of Devil May Take You: Part One. And I got it done pretty early this week! Yay! It’s about 1:28 am on Friday, and I’ve got the links fixed up on the site, as well. The next Devil May Take You page is gonna be the Part Two picture, that acts as kind of a division between the sections. I hope you don’t feel gypped because it’s not the next panel! If I have time, I’ll do both the special division picture and the next part of the story. If I don’t, please don’t be mad! It’s just ’cause I’m working on other stuff for the site, too!

I was very happy to get the Prism Time first post up. It was a good story, and short, so I was able to get it done in a decent time. I’d like to post a blog at least once a week, or more, if I can. But since this week is my boyfriend’s graduation (and many of my co-worker’s big grad. day, too,) I will be pretty busy this weekend in between work and celebrating. Whoo hoo! Parties! I’m excited!   : 3

I have begun researching Naoko Takeuchi, and started the Mangaka Spotlight. It is in the works, so I will not post it until finished (…you guys probably knew that…it is common sense. Oh well! I typed it, so I’m not going back to change it! It’s set in stone.)

I’ve almost got the “Dark Horse Setting/World” page complete. I just have a bit of information to finish up and *voila!* It will be ready for the public. It’s already up, I think if you want to read it, but I don’t think I have the link connected from the Dark Horse page itself. Do you know what I’m talking about? I hope so! If I’m just being confusing, ignore me…or let me know! I’ll clarify 🙂

….soooooo…..incredibly……tired! I should really get to bed since I work tomorrow. Talk to you soon!

Jyaa Mata!

Ashleen Woods
The Blue Dragon

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