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*Phew* Got some updates!

Been a while since I’ve been on. I was here! Just working to get some things done! Sorry it took so long!

Here’s what’s up:

I just completed my second manga review–yatta! This is of CLAMP’s Clover, volume 1. I am proud of the work I did! Especially since my internet kept cutting out! Dang it! I thought I paid good money for this wireless Internet! Grrrr. I scorn you, Wireless! Take that! *hit*

Okay, now that I’m done with that…I finally got DMTY page 9 up. I really am sorry it took me so long! I was out of town a lot last week…shame on me for partying and having fun! The party’s crashing me now! But it’s up and running, onto part two! I’m excited. I started doing the under drawing for page 10 tonight. The Internet started working again, so I abandoned it, but I should have time to work on it tomorrow.

I think I’m going to try to get two pages up a week from now on. No promises, but the manga reviews take so long, I have to do something to keep you coming back for more. So…I think I’ll do updates on Fridays and Sundays. Let me know what you think.

It’s been great talking to you! Thanks again for reading! I heart you! (I stole that directly from my cousin–she always texts me this when she’s drunk.)

The Blue Dragon

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