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New “Devil May Take You” page up

Got page 13 to finally work. I still have Internet problems on and off, so I’ll have a page done, but they dang thing won’t post. *sigh* Why am I paying so much for wireless when I have crappy service? F my life. Sometimes.

Glad to get that up though. Marc and I are getting ready to watch Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Awesomeness!

I’m taking one thing at a time, so I hope you guys are still having fun out there. If there’s anything you’d like to see, or something I haven’t finished, give me a head’s up. That chibi sticker sheet is still in the works! I have sketches made out, but it’s just doing it that’s taking a while.

Yep, getting things done though! Slowly! But I’m glad to have a job…even if it is taking away from computer time. Meh. Anyway, enough musings.

See ya later!

Ashleen Woods
The Blue Dragon

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