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Page 18 is up and ready!

Well, I got page 18 of DMTY posted, and all the links updated. I also have the first chibi sticker for the sheet drawn! Here is it:

There is gonna be a theme, believe it or not. I’m excited to get this much done! I had so many layers! More than I usually use, since I wanted this to look good! Oh, and it took me hours to do! 🙂 I’m proud of my stamina. Now if only I could do the same for my web comic. But, I’m cool with it all the same.

So you can be looking forward to a new manga review soon. I seem to have misplaced Gin Tama…I’m sure I’ll find it.


Note to self, get more organized.

FYI, I have moved my whole operation into my “office” in the back of my home. And, also, I’ve just gotten a comic book commission! Yay! So I will post a few drawings on here (like character sketches,) but I will not be putting the comic up, as it a collaboration, and I’ll need to discuss it with my partner first. The images, as always, will be copyrighted.

I’ve also started a Deviant Art account, but right now it doesn’t have much up. You might want to check it out, though if you want. I do a lot of forum responses, too, so maybe our paths will cross 😛

Here’s the link:

What else? I am a bit tired, since it’s 5:14 here, and I have to babysit my nephew at 1:30…soooo….yeah, I’m gonna get just 8 hours of sleep.

I’ll be back to work after I’m done watching Declan! See ya all later!

The Blue Dragon

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