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This is an awesome costume!

I think for the month of October, I’m gonna post some cool costumes I find. Most will be manga related cosplay costumes, but occassionally I’ll just post cool stuff.

Here’s an example. This was inventive! I like it, he’s totally rocking that jousting costume!

This graphic is linked to the site I got it from. It’s got a lot of cool costumes on it, and sometime tutorials. Check it out, and have fun!

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  1. LelaNo Gravatar said

    Oh thats just sweet ashleen cant wait to see what you find next

  2. AshleenNo Gravatar said

    Thanks! I don’t know how I come across this crazy stuff! Sorry I’ve neglected the site a bit…I’ve been preoccupied, plus my stupid computer with the scanner’s down. *sigh* I know, excuses excuses, but it’s totally true!

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