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Baby Husky…so adorable!

This video is so cute! I had to post it 🙂 Found it when watching some videos Marc’s (my boyfriend) professor had e-mailed them. This was so cute I had to share it.

I haven’t found any really exciting costumes I like recently. I changed what I was going to be from Lady Gaga to a valkyrie. I like my costume so far, and will hopefully get a chance to post it. I can relate this anime/manga/gaming, since some of my influence came from Valkyrie Profile, the video game. I’d love to play it, but alas! I have not purchased it.

Working on the scanner problem, and will hopefully have some art up here again really soon. I need to post some of the work I’ve been busy with, which has taken me away from you! I’m sorry about the delays in posting manga reviews and the web comic! I’m hoping to get some more time soon. I also want to hook up my scanner to my laptop, since, you know, it’s not from 1999 and broken. Grrr! I hate my old computer! I would be well rid of it if my printer and scanner weren’t dependant on it.

Well, if I’m not on again before Halloween, have a good one! Get lots of candy, party down, or whatever you’re gonna do! Enjoy the video–I did!

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