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What’s up now!

Hey! Busy busy!

Well, I was just online, and I figured, I’d put the next Dark Horse page up today. It’s only Sunday, I know, but I’m at my dad’s office cleaning (and playing on the computer) so I figure why not do something productive?

Also, this week’s manga review is on two manga: Mugen Spiral. I’m coupling them…one for last week, one for this week (I’m going to get it up today, instead of Friday which is my planned day for manga reviews.)

Been working really hard on a drawing for the Manga Tutorials up-coming Sai Moe contest. Here’s a sneak peek (note, it’s not scanned, so the cropping’s off. Grr….getting a new screen today, I think, so I can use my old computer again! Yay!)

Look! You can see my blue tape! And my light box. Oooo...a sneak peek into the artist's studio! Just kidding 😉

What do you think? It’s not colored yet, but I got the line drawing done.

Updating a bit of stuff here and there around the site, so look around please! I think I’ll do a web-comic review this week, too. Hm…which comic to do?

Added some charcoal pictures to the Request page in the Shop, so if you’d like to see some realistic stuff, just go there.

Okay, thanks for visiting! See ya around!

The Blue Dragon

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