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R.I.P. Lennon

Another week comes and goes. I know it is very early in the morning, but since it is December 8, I must say a word for one of my favorite musicians. Many already know, this is the day John Lennon was shot, and though he wasn’t perfect, and wasn’t all he proclaimed to be, he did try to influence us all to try to be better than we might with wonderful songs of peace, love, self-discovery, and politic import. So Mr. Lennon, here’s to you!

Okay, so back to website business. I’m getting ready to add the next page of Dark Horse for our weekly web-comic. So that’s gonna be up. And I’m plugging along on the Secret Santa for Manga Tutorials. So far, I have one full character done, and she looks like this:

The back ground is just a temporary one, so you can see the shiny spots. Ooo la la! I know there are probably improvements I can make, but I think I’m happy with her overall. I have more to do before the whole picture is done. I still have to finish the guy. And then the background. And any special message I want to add. But this is a start 🙂

I need to get started reading the next manga for this Friday’s review. It’s been a busy week of Christmas shopping, drawing, cleaning, and wrapping presents! But I’m sure I can get it read by Friday, or on Friday.

Well, feel free to comment whenever you like, give suggestions if you wish, and keep on truckin’


The Blue Dragon

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