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I’m still Here!

Well, I know I’ve had a long  stay away from the website here. Just been busy with my job and all. But I’ve been working on that RPG commission, so I’ll post what I have.

I started with a rough draft, which I decided I didn’t like at all (I had some people help me out and critique the work. They were very helpful!)

There's plenty lacking in this work, and it's ill proportioned.

I hadn't picked up my pen in a long time, so you can see how unsteady my lines are, and how poorly the thickness. I didn't do well on the face, either.

So I took everyone’s suggestions, and came up with this draft instead. I’m not happy with the inked version. I didn’t get the detail I wanted in the face or hair, and I’m not too sure I copied the body well enough. I’m waiting for more critiques before I progress, but I do think this is the final pose I will use, since the RPG character is supposed to be in an attack stance. The scepter could use some work, making it fit into the perspective (I just have it flat, and it should be tilted a bit more towards the viewer…)

I think I need to move the foot a little more to the viewer’s right…but that shall have to wait for another time.

I have read and written many manga reviews, since I have to time to read a bit overnights at work. But alas! I have not had time to type those reviews up and post them. But sometime I do plan to add reviews of a couple different works. I’m hoping to get time soon!

I will also get around to updating the comic page, as well. I just haven’t had the time or energy to do so (especially since it’s starting to warm up  and Marc and I have been preparing the front flowerbeds and garden area–the main garden has yet to even be cleaned out, much less tilled.) But please don’t think I’ve given up on the site! I am still here and I also check my e-mail pretty much daily, so you can always drop me a line if you have any suggestions (see Contact and Network page, for information.)

Alrighty! Hope you have enjoyed visiting, and please forgive me for not updating as much as I should! Gomensai!!!!!

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