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Will eventually Update

Well kiddos, I know I’ve had an extended period away from here, but fear not, I have not forgotten this site! I intend to begin updating again once I finish the summer (then I won’t have three jobs) and get settled in our new apartment which will be up North. It’s only three hours away from my current local, but it’s time consuming driving up there on my one day off and trying to complete applications and drive around familiarizing ourselves (Marc and I) with the city. We are certainly looking forward to the move! Though I must admit, it’s a bit intimidating, and I’ll have to figure out where I need to go to get my business license (I want to keep up with my art and such.)

I hope to post a photo of a piece I’m working on for Marc’s 25th birthday. He wanted a poster of Lady Gaga, so I figured I’d paint a portrait of her for our new place. But instead, I guess he’s decided on Billy Idol of all people (I love his music, but I’m shocked that’s who he picked.) So…I’ve just finished sketching him onto the canvas, and will be painting it soon. Yikes! I’ve got to get it done before the 29th…I hope I can do it! When I’m finished, I’ll take a photo of it and post it up here. That’ll give you guys something new to look at 🙂

Well, I’d post more updates, but like I said, it’s been crazy working three jobs. I just don’t have any time right now for much of anything 🙁 Please forgive my lack of posts! I have some new reviews written out, but nothing typ

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