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Spring Sae Moe Contest!


Well, I haven’t been too creative of late…not working as much as I should be. But I was able to finish a submission to the Spring 2013 Sae Moe Contest held on Manga Tutorials. It’s a younger version of “Sleeping Beauty,” which I’m working on for a new manga I think I’ll begin. Not to say I won’t keep updating Dark Horse, I just have to get off my butt and re-hook up my scanner/printer/etc. Finally redrew the page that was next (it needed a lot of work.) So hopefully I can screen-tone it soon.

Anyway, back to the contest! It’s not really all that great, since I lacked a scanner, but I got her done:

Hopefully I’ll get some time to start work on this comic. If you’d like to vote for Sabera, please follow this link to the Sae Moe Contest thread.

Not much else going on at the moment, art wise. I’ll try to get some stuff done this weekend, since I’ve been “on holiday” from this site. See ya’ll around!

The Blue Dragon

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