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Just something I brewed Up…

So, I’ve been MIA on the blog. But not because I haven’t been working. Quite the contrary. Dark Horse Act 2 is completely screen-toned, and I’m gearing up to begin on screening Act 3. I am very excited! I didn’t think I’d get this far so quick 😀

So at the same time, I’m working on the script for Act 17, which is going to go into some of the things happening before Odysseus goes back in time. For this act, I sketched up a little drawing of Queen Keisuma. I need to make her face look a little more like…well, like her actual character, unless I just change the way she looks (it’s been so long since I first drew her! And everyone’s changing a little bit…) Well, anyway, here’s the sketch.


So Keisuma has different “stages” of her demon body. Around majority humans, she’ll hide from view via magic her tail and horns and ears. Sometimes, she’ll let Kanna’s body come out enough to just simply look like Kanna (she is possessing the body, after all.) But when she actually transforms, she looks more and more demon-like. Perhaps we will get to see her true forms? But that’s a looooooong way off >:D


And another little sneak peak…this one from Act 3 🙂


This is part of one of the panel’s in Act 3. So…the girls are going to finally hear about this thing for the first time 😀 Yay! I wanted it to look kinda like George Harrison’s Dark Horse label, but also be it’s own beast: hence the several heads.

I also have a WIP, but I won’t have time to finish him in a while 🙁 But, this one is of Odysseus. I made him a little darker so he looks more of Greek decent (although, his mom is Caucasian. Meh, it works…)

More to come later, but remember: even when I haven’t updated this blog, Dark Horse is updating bi-weekly on Comic Fury! Check it out here! Subscribe! And as always, enjoy yourselves!!!


~The Blue Dragon~

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