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A Post-Apocalyptic World…

It was a time of great strife and turmoil. At the end of the century, a genetic supremacist organization, dubbed the Faction by the Allied Nations, rose to prominence. Their attacks were swift and well planned. Members of their group worked within the governments of all countries: their identity as terrorists indiscernible. Their intent was to rid the world of any person whose genetics were not deemed worthy of survival. Their mission:  to create a more perfect race through the destruction of genetic “weaknesses” passed on from generation to generation. This meant anyone who had anything not “up to par” with the “normal” person (as defined by their doctors.) Their target: anyone with diabetes, a history of cancer in the family, those who are colorblind, multiple sclerosis, even a receding hair line. Their discrimination was harsh. The group itself was pretty small–but it was multi-racial and therefore easy for Faction members to blend in with normal society.

Their genetic scientists produced several strands of viruses designed to attack only those with the appropriate genetic receptors for various diseases. Using germ warfare, they were able to strike the world hard before they ever announced their objectives. Following the murder of over half the world’s population, they began terrorist attacks upon government buildings around the world. Many were able to high jack satellites and airwaves, making their presence loud and clear when they felt the time was right.

Due to the man-made plague, bodies could be found everywhere. Those who could, tried to bury the dead. But soon, even pestilence broke out; in addition to deaths caused by plague, outbreaks of typhoid, cholera, diphtheria, salmonella and other diseases caused by poor sanitation spread.

By the time the world powers were able to get together to form a counter attack, things were looking pretty bad. It was nearly impossible to narrow in on the enemy, and even with blood samples and tests, it was hard for the government to figure if a person fitting the terrorists’ genetic requirments was even a member of The Faction, or just a normal law abiding citizen caught in the middle.

Things were becoming dire. Governments collapsed, as the open war began to tear apart cities and communities. With the heavy loss of human manpower, electrical facilities failed, all modern amenities fell to weigh side with too small a staff to continue production and homemade bombs (and stock piles usurped by military Faction members) taking down facilities by accident.

The Faction planned to take over wholly once their “cleansing” of the world was completed. The only people who would be left standing, would be those with “superior” genetics. Whether those few survivors wanted to convert or not would be the only issue. Those willing to assimilate with The Faction would be accepted into their ranks and society. Those who refused would be placed under arrest and considered criminals (the idea, is that criminals would help to rebuild society and bring it back to where it was prior to the war.)

It seemed all hope was lost, when the tides suddenly change. Before The Faction could head into their “Final Extermination” plan, a brilliant light, originating in Oregon, ebbed out, and swiftly enveloped the world in its entirety. Those inflicted with disease, were healed. Soldiers were healed of their wounds. Those once lame found they could walk. In essence, the whole world experienced an inexplicable miracle, as everyone, regardless of whose side they were on, was washed clean of their afflictions and cured of all ailments.

The world was bewildered: understandably confused on exactly what happened. In truth, the source of such blinding resplendance was unknown intially. Yet, timidly, a sixteen year-old girl steps forward and admits she was the one who had cried out, taking the pain and suffering of the world upon herself, and exploding with an energy more powerful than she’d ever felt before. This girl, was Kanna Vanessa Chase, a former High School student from the coastal regions of Oregon. She was their savior, though she knows not how, or why, such powers were awakened within  her. With her new found powers, she had discovered a strange, diamond lotus at her feet. Not understanding its purpose, she takes it home, but doesn’t carry it on her. Her healing powers subside, but her deeds remained fact.

She was then suddenly ushered forward as the savior of the world–though no one has had contact with any nation across either ocean. There’s soon a debate between those remaining on how the government should regroup. The Faction is still as strong as it’d ever been, yet the diseases they’d created were now rendered useless. They weren’t even sure what the status of people were-whether or not the healing light had simply healed those existing, or if it had “fixed” their genetics entirely. They lost many followers, but those who remained were still intent on executing their plans.

The old American government wished to reach some kind of compromise with The Faction: attempting to make peace with an organization bent on destroying them completely. Others in the nation were appalled at the government’s lack of backbone, and revolted against peace-talks with the supremacy group. Those revolting, form an alliance and attempt to create their own country in the Pacific North West and West Coast. The result is a three way war–the skirmish between the broken down government, retaliation against The Faction, and attacks by The Faction upon the rest of mankind. To make matters worse, the chaos brought on by massive destruction of major land marks, and what few remaining natural areas were in the US (national parks, wildlife preserves and such) opens a schism in the barrier between the magically sanctioned off world of the Fae, and the world of man. The sealed off Faelands are re-opened by all the mass destruction, and mystical creatures are re-introduced. Something else  is awakened during these battles, as well. A great demon, Keisuma, who had been captured in a stone eons ago is awoken from her slumber, and attempts to reach out and escape her imprisonment. She too, sought world domination.

Between The Faction, the United States, Oregonia, the Fae, and Keisuma, the fate of the world hangs precariously in the balance. In a ruined world of chaos and war, only the strongest will survive.

The Dark Horse world is set in roughly the same time as the late 1990s, early in the millenium. In “present day,” society is the same as you’d find in America: it’s in the future that the Fae Folk are re-introduced to the world, and technology for the most part is obsolete (but for a few generators recovered or constructed by the re-formed government. Most power will be from water mills and windmills, as North America is cut off from other continents.) Kanna, and all of humanity, must find a way to rebuild and survive in a new, integrated world of humans, fae, demons, and the unknown…

*Story listed is copy righted material, just as Dark Horse volume 1 is copy righted. Everything’s been paraphrased from the original documents.*

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