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Finished and In Progress Projects

Hey there!

I finally got this painting finished. The artists I was “channeling” are Barbara Kruger, Glenn Brown, and Tobias Rehberger.


We also had some tempera projects, and this is the first one I completed.

I have since finished this, and will post it at a later time. Also tempera.


An update of this image, still not complete. Part of a series. I think there’s going to be a lot of these I do for myself, even after class.


And this is all for now! Hope you are enjoying the images πŸ™‚ I’ll be working on Dark Horse during the winter break. Pretty sure I mentioned that, but just reaffirming it πŸ˜€


Thanks and have a nice weekend everyone!


Blue Dragon
Ashleen Woods

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Class Projects and Finished Charcoal


Lots going on, as per usual. I apologize for the hiatus ofΒ Dark Horse, but class and work and everything has just been taking all of my time. I am planning to work on my buffer over winter break. I’m so sorry!!

In the meanwhile, other art stuff has been going on. I am posting some projects I’m working on. Below I finished the charcoal I was doing. Not sure if it’s better finished or unfinished. I used just a little bit of oil pastel, blue, for color. But mostly just leaving it monochromatic.


Due Thursday, but not quite complete is a project of appropriating from 3 contemporary artists. I can’t remember every artists name, but the zombie look comes from Glenn Brown, I’m going to have text boxes like Barbara Kruger, and I forgot the name of the interior design dude the background is from (I have it on my other lappy which is at the studio.)

I need to fix up the face a bit and finish cleaning up the background. That pink color is High Flow Golden brand stuff…and it’s like usable for air brushing, so it’s really thin. But I have nothing IΒ can thicken it with. Anyway, I figure this is appropriate for a late Halloween picture πŸ˜›


Also, working on series for final projects:

This one is no where near finished, and I may take the third bird out (I only made it by accident, dripped pain there. I don’t like it.)


This one I am going to paint over and redo because they are not small enough (I want more empty space.) But you get the idea of what the layout will be.



Also, for Halloween, I did early Gaga. It was either Lady Gaga or David Bowie…and I didn’t have time to find stuff for Bowie πŸ™ Maybe next year!

Here’s some pics:


Okay, I need to go to sleep. Good night everyone!


Ashleen Woods
The Blue Dragon
Fat Lady Gaga (but only on Halloween 2015 and Nov. 6 when I party this weekend.)



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Mona Lisa

“But Mona Lisa musta had the highway blues
You can tell by the way she smiles”

Just started this tonight…Not done yet. I want it to be Dylan themed, kinda.


I also am working on my final project, a box:

Obviously, there will be more to this project. I constructed it. I began covering portions of it with gesso this evening.


Began this yesterday…it’s a study for something else.

And that’s all I feel like posting now. I wish I wouldn’t fall behind in posting. Our Internet is crap and keeps cutting out…so I have to post while I can!


Have a nice evening all!


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Just some stuff I’ve been working on…

I haven’t had time to post much, so I am finally getting around to sharing some projects with you all!


I am very happy with how my first project turned out:


This is mixed media. Acrylic, carbonless paper, print transfer, magazine clippings, Sharpie, glitter.
The text is a little hard to read. It’s from Yeat’s TheΒ Second Coming.Β In the flames, I used some kind of pen (transfer pen? I forgot the name) to leave an imprint of money. You guys can draw from it what you want: I have my own intentions, but you know, people take from things what they want.

Close up:

This is the studio space I’ve been assigned to:

I’ll post more later. It’s getting late πŸ™‚


Blue Dragon


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Never enough time…

Hey all!

It seems there’s never enough time to do everything one needs/wants to do. But today I took a trip to Naperville so I could get some watercolors for class…but really it’s because I haven’t been getting out of the house at all besides class and work. So it was a nice little trip to Dick Blick (which I noticed they now call only “Blick.” Good call.)

I intend to post some of my art projects up here for sure, but I forgot to take a picture of my mixed media project before turning it in o_O So I’ll get it up here once we get them back (they’re hanging in the art building now.)

I have gotten a few pages of Act 4 done (or I will before I go to sleep.) So here’s a little treat for those of you visiting my blog: Page 1 of Act 4!!!



So the first few pages of Act 4 are all in color πŸ™‚ And I have a few more color pages elsewhere in the comic. It’s fun to do color pages, but sometimes too time consuming. Plus I love the gray scale in manga πŸ™‚ It makes the color that much more “special,” to me.


I have a lot going on, and I want to finish another Dark Horse page, so I’m going to close for now.

Until next time!


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Ashleen Woods

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Glam Rockers in House Tonight

So, I’m posting my progess on my Glam inspirations. Yes, I’m missing the premier Glam rocker, the one who started it all, Marc Bolan, but I have shamefully not listened to his Glam Rock (aside from Bang a Gong, Get it On,) until recent years. I instead preferred his British Folk music, like the album Unicorn or My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair… But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows. So, sad to say, he’s not here. But I may do something on him later πŸ™‚


Here’s the update:

So we’ve got Kevin Barnes in the upper left corner, David Bowie circa Scary Monsters, and Lady Gaga upper right. Not done, but getting there πŸ™‚


I hope to have more of the commission done this weekend. I intend to work on that tomorrow, and I have an update of Dark Horse coming tomorrow at 12:00am. Be sure to check it out!


Thanks, and until next time, keep on rockin’!


Blue Dragon

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Been about a month…time to post!

Ugh, I’m sorry for not posting more. So much going on–we finally are unionized though! Whoo hoo! Still soooo much work to be done!


Anywho, I’m going to be taking some classes this fall, and eventually will also be applying full on to Graduate School. What’s this mean? Well, less time for posting…which I’ve been neglecting anyway, but more art being produced! In fact, I have some works in progress I’d like to share tonight! Tomorrow I may also have time to post some of the commission I’m working on.

Here’s one I started a couple weeks ago. Very personal…yadda yadda…most art is. Anyway, it’s called “Remembering Disrememberance,” and is a reflection on my past; a certain person who inspired me to do what I felt I should regarding college, rather than just focusing on what I thought would get me a job, and a lot of other stuff. So there’s that…

Kinda not so good of a photo, since it’s on the basement floor, but it’s not done yet, so I’ll have another at some point.


And this one is about Glam Rock and Pop Art, but it’s just in it’s VERY preliminary stages. I still need to get a canvas, unless I decide to keep this on bristol board. Look! It’s not manga-style! I can break with that style when I want to…it’s just not something I usually feel like doing. But sometimes I do. And you’ll be seeing more of this type of stuff. Gotta expand my horizons a bit.


I worked on some other stuff, too, but that’s all I’m posting for now. Dark Horse updates tonight, so be sure to check it out!!! We’re almost to the end of Act 3!!!!


Blue Dragon signing out!



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Another Completed Image

I’ve been so busy, I’m running out of my buffer of Dark Horse and moving slowly on the commission on which I’m working!


But I got a bit done this weekend. Almost completed a page for Dark Horse, and I got the following image completed for Paige’s Commission:

The reason why it took so long to complete this one, is because of all the layers required for Tug’s outfit. I had to keep adding colors beneath to accurately convey the sheer material, which was took a lot of back and forth. I do clothes, skin, details, shadows, accessories and such are all on separate layers so I can tweak certain parts without effecting others. I also had trouble deciding what I wanted the background to be. I hope it looks okay!


I plan to do more work this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have something new to post πŸ˜€


Thanks all!


Blue Dragon

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It’s Summer Time!

At long last!!!! We’ve finally made it to summer (well, technically the 21st is the first day of summer,) and we’ve finally began our flex schedule at work! This means I am going to have Mondays off, a three day weekend! So I’ll have a little more time to work on things.

I nearly have this image complete. I still need to color in Pot’s mouth so it doesn’t look green o_O



I have fallen behind in working on my buffer for Dark Horse, so I am going to try to also get some of that completed this weekend. I can’t believe I only have one more page (Sunday’s/tomorrow’s) before my buffer runs out! Ahh! So much to do, so little time!


Well, I’m going to get to work! Ta for now!


The Blue Dragon

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Just an Old Fashioned Blog Post…

I have Three Dog Night on my mind for some odd reason…

So today I got the Title Page for Dark HorseΒ Act 3 done. Hurray!

It’s been a while since I had to write in the Title font. But here it is πŸ˜€

Here’s the inspiration for Kanna’s Dress πŸ™‚


I also thought I’d post the first cover I ever did for Dark Horse, which I didn’t like then, or now…but anyway, I’ll let you see what the cover looked like for my college project:




I haven’t had much time to work on art this week πŸ™ Next weekend I will be out of town, so I probably won’t get much done next week, too πŸ™ I apologize ahead of time!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


~The Blue Dragon~

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