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Act 2 Dark Horse MAJOR Revamp!!!

Holy cow!

So…I just finished inking the last page for the Dark Horse act 1 Revamp….including a new cover image I’m in the process of mapping out and inking. I want it to be more epic looking, so I took a little inspiration from one of my favorite animated films, Heavy Metal, and set things up the way I wanted it.




This is the same outfit Kanna wears in the current opening of Act 2. The weird hair style is an homage to Usagi, from Sailor Moon. I’ve always been a big fan, so this was how I paid tribute 🙂

You can somewhat see the inked image behind Kanna, which is Keisuma. I still need to draw the Dark Horse, and Kanna’s lotus. It’s coming along though!


With the near completion of Act 1’s Revamp…I needed to start thinking about how to fix/improve Act 2. And…Act 2…is a mess. So….I’ve am engaging in a major undertaking: Combining and splitting Act 2 and Act 3.

The plus is that these two acts will make more sense, have some filler cut out, have more characterization (I’ve already gotten my “thumbnails” sketched out,) look better. And you won’t have to re-read the comic to still get what’s going on. It might be a good idea, but it’s totally not necessary if someone’s already caught up and doesn’t want/need a refresher.

The negative is…I’ve added more than 26 pages, will have to get the whole thing complete before I post it (at least, on Comic Fury, on Tapas, I’m just uploading as I get things done, which is nice,) and it is going to take quite a bit of time.

But! The end result is going to be, I feel, a much better telling of what happened to Odysseus, background on the plague and the new government (better world building,) and it’s going to make more sense. Rather than BOOM! Flashback, I’m taking the first part of Act 3 and making it the beginning of Act 2, then cutting into the flashback (where it currently just says “an act later”) and ending Act 2 in the middle of the flashback.

The flashback is also going to be indicated by black borders, which is something I meant to do to begin with but *stupid me* forgot :/


TL:DR: Act 2 and Act 3 of Dark Horse are getting mixed and split and will look and read better! Ideally 🙂 In lieu of these changes, Acts 2 & 3 may also get new covers! Which is exciting for me, because I love to draw fancy covers 🙂


Here’s a colored version of the above picture, to close this with an image 😀

Can you tell I don’t watercolor! Ach! My shading is terrible on this! Maybe I’ll go back and blend things better later. That’s one thing that’s nice about water colors!




Oh! And I forgot to post this little video I made for my Patreon page.

Thanks for reading! And Keep on Truckin’!


Blue Dragon


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