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Class Projects and Finished Charcoal


Lots going on, as per usual. I apologize for the hiatus of Dark Horse, but class and work and everything has just been taking all of my time. I am planning to work on my buffer over winter break. I’m so sorry!!

In the meanwhile, other art stuff has been going on. I am posting some projects I’m working on. Below I finished the charcoal I was doing. Not sure if it’s better finished or unfinished. I used just a little bit of oil pastel, blue, for color. But mostly just leaving it monochromatic.


Due Thursday, but not quite complete is a project of appropriating from 3 contemporary artists. I can’t remember every artists name, but the zombie look comes from Glenn Brown, I’m going to have text boxes like Barbara Kruger, and I forgot the name of the interior design dude the background is from (I have it on my other lappy which is at the studio.)

I need to fix up the face a bit and finish cleaning up the background. That pink color is High Flow Golden brand stuff…and it’s like usable for air brushing, so it’s really thin. But I have nothing I can thicken it with. Anyway, I figure this is appropriate for a late Halloween picture 😛


Also, working on series for final projects:

This one is no where near finished, and I may take the third bird out (I only made it by accident, dripped pain there. I don’t like it.)


This one I am going to paint over and redo because they are not small enough (I want more empty space.) But you get the idea of what the layout will be.



Also, for Halloween, I did early Gaga. It was either Lady Gaga or David Bowie…and I didn’t have time to find stuff for Bowie 🙁 Maybe next year!

Here’s some pics:


Okay, I need to go to sleep. Good night everyone!


Ashleen Woods
The Blue Dragon
Fat Lady Gaga (but only on Halloween 2015 and Nov. 6 when I party this weekend.)



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