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Comic Fury Comic Collabs!

Well, it’s about that time to drop in an update post!

If I fall quiet for a while, it’s usually because I’m busying “arting” around XD

Anyway, since fall of 2018, I decided to start participating in some of Comic Fury’s collaboration comics. The community of artists over there is really diverse and a lot of fun! And the collabs I’ve participated in (and ones from the past prior to my contributions,) really show the heart and soul that people put into these projects.

So I wanted to take a moment to advertise these, especially since the Valentine’s Day Blind Date is coming up! And I’ve been working hard to improve on my panelling, drawing the other illustrator’s character, and just make a fun comic to read. I can’t show any of my progress for this collab yet, but I am happy to show some of the work done in the past! And I’ll be updating here and DeviantArt once the comic’s revealed on Comic Fury!

Halloween Collab: The whole comic

This is the opening page for the fan comic. I also contributed to the main comic, which you can read by clicking the above link. To read the little comic I made, click the link below. I suggest checking out the whole thing, though, and checking out the Comic Fury community!

For my fan page contribution, click here.


Christmas Collaboration: The Whole comic


Since I was really busy for all of December, I was only able to do one page for the fan part :*( I wish I could have done a little comic, but I was just stretched too thin.


I also did a “speed ink” video of one of the positions I had to draw Rhina in for the comic. I only had time to draw 4 comic contributions and the one fan art image.

And more is soon to come! I have the Blind Date comic completely thumb-nailed, and sketched except for the last page (which is scheduled for Monday-tomorrow. I have to put myself on a timeline to get things done XD) I hope you enjoyed this little update, and hope you check out Comic Fury!


Cheers everyone!


~Blue Dragon


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