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Dark Horse Volume 1 Com-Com-Complete.

Okay, I’m a dork. I know this. But I’m just so happy to get Volume One up completely. I was trying to decide whether or not I should add the “special” pages I have in the hard copy manga…I thought they might be an incentive to buy a copy, but now I’m thinking I’ll just post them up to give me time to get more of Volume 2 screen toned. I do have a few pages done, though! Yay! I worked really hard this weekend!

Also finally got some new inking pens, so I’ll have the Sai Moe entry done soon, as well as my DnD character, Myfanwy (she’s been posted before, but I’ve tried to make some improvements.) So I’ll have some art things posted here real soon.

But I don’t want to leave you empty handed, so I’ll post the video that inspired this title. It’s a little crude, as it is Austin Powers. If you’re sensitive, don’t watch it.

That is all. Good luck, and good night!

Blue Dragon

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