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G’Day! Little Something I wanted to Share

All righty, I haven’t been able to update the comic for a bit because I’ve had a lot of things to take care of in my personal life (ie: job stuff, moving, commissions–yeah baby! I got a website commission!–and other stuffs.) I didn’t want to leave things hanging here for too long, so there’s something cool I discovered that I thought I’d share.

For anyone out there that is trying to learn more about drawing, or who just enjoys watching art videos, I stumbled upon this dude’s youtube site a little while back. Mr. Crilley is a fantastic mangaka artist (haven’t read his comics yet) and is very helpful with his tutorials. I highly suggest anyone to visit his youtube site, especially if you’re in need of help with either the basics…or anything. He even has a glasses tutorial!

But since my pen name is Blue Dragon, I’m going to post this video of his dragon tutorial ^_^ I hope you enjoy the art, and if you’re into purchasing tutorial books, he’s got one I plan on buying later, when I get some money (uh…so buy some arts–now! Just playin’ :P)

Here’s his actual Youtube channel:
Mark Crilley

And here’s a sample of his work 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

The Blue Dragon

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