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Glam Rockers in House Tonight

So, I’m posting my progess on my Glam inspirations. Yes, I’m missing the premier Glam rocker, the one who started it all, Marc Bolan, but I have shamefully not listened to his Glam Rock (aside from Bang a Gong, Get it On,) until recent years. I instead preferred his British Folk music, like the album Unicorn or My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair… But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows. So, sad to say, he’s not here. But I may do something on him later 🙂


Here’s the update:

So we’ve got Kevin Barnes in the upper left corner, David Bowie circa Scary Monsters, and Lady Gaga upper right. Not done, but getting there 🙂


I hope to have more of the commission done this weekend. I intend to work on that tomorrow, and I have an update of Dark Horse coming tomorrow at 12:00am. Be sure to check it out!


Thanks, and until next time, keep on rockin’!


Blue Dragon

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