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Happy Thanksgiving! I give you Turkey-Free Images!

Hey there!

As I’m going to be extremely busy today-Saturday, I will be unable to start uploading Dark Horse, Volume 2. I am very sorry for this!!!! But I will try to get it up on Saturday when I get back. We are going to spend time with Marc’s family, and then my own family, and then I have a couple friends I need to see before I come back home. Sooooooo….since I can’t start up on the next volume now, I give you the images I’ve been working on for the Sai Moe Contest!

Yatta! I thought I’d never get it done in time, and then…they extended the deadline! Oh well, I’m done ahead of the game. That’s how I roll!

Here’s Siobhán’s Portrait:

Here is Siobhán's Portrait. Her hair can change color with her mood. Purple is what I chose for showing her shyness. She's pleased to meet you!

And Part 2 of the submission:

This image depicts Siobhán's emotions, and is semi-biographical. It shows one of things she loves to do, which is communicate with nature.

To see larger versions, just click, and it’ll open a new window. I hope you enjoy looking at the images! And thank you so much for your patience! Dark Horse will be posted hopefully by the end of the week!

Have a safe, and fun Thanksgiving. I know I’m going to have fun with many families (though…avoiding turkey is gonna be hard at Marc’s place–no one in the family is a veggie! Eek! Oh well, his mom is sweet and will make a salad for me, I’m sure of it! 😀 )

See ya next time!

The Blue Dragon

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