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I’m Flipping My Lid…and Dark Horse!

As the Act 2 revamp of Dark Horse comes to a close (it’ll be posting soon on the main site,) as well as Act 5 on Comic Fury, with the help of quite a few people, I’ve made the decision to start flipping Dark Horse to read left to right. Some changes to Act 1 have already been sketched!

This is going to be the last major thing I do to change Act 1. I can’t get sucked into the “keep fixing” black hole that many artists get dragged into XD And I’m certainly as apt to do so as anyone out there, so I need to make sure I’m not looking back more than I’m looking forward.

That said, I am happy to make these changes. It’s giving me a chance to fix a few things that bugged me about the revamp. For the most part, I’m able to just flip or move panels around. Since I left the speech bubbles on different layers, the flip of Act 1 shouldn’t take too terribly much work. I have the help of a couple people editing my work, and with this assistance I decided to add a page or panel or two where necessary to make sure the flow of the page and action is moving smoothly.

Where are my pictures!? Where’s some art? This jabbering is boring!


You in my head ask, so I online deliver: Here ya go!



I am very happy with these sketches, and feel this final version of Act 1 is what I’ll get printed once I start going to conventions. We have a decent printer, so I may actually print some of the early copies myself (I’ve worked with printers in the past, and have a cutting board, so I think I could do some of that on my own before going to a professional.)

😀 I am also trying to be careful to make sure Rin and Kanna’s eyes/lashes are different, so people can tell the difference between the two a bit more.

Oh! One last change:

I completely created his background and eclipse on my own (well, I watched a tutorial for the eclipse.) The prophecy has also been updated, and I am suuuuper happy with it! I hope you guys are, too 😀

Thanks for reading, and keep on truckin’!


~Blue Dragon
Ashleen Woods

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