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Hey everyone!

Been busy inking pages for Dark Horse! Super excited to complete Act 4–though we’re still quite a ways away from that. I’ve finished sketching all of Act 4, and began inking earlier this week. But—Dilemma! Earlier this year someone stole my light box…and we’ve been kinda tight on a budget…

So what do you do when you have no light box and no money? Turn your partner’s desk into a light box!!!

(But only while he’s at work)

Ta-Dah!!!! Glass tables make great light boxes!

I’ve been updating some pages here, and commissions are open, so please check out my commissions page if you’d like something! It’s under construction, so please forgive the temporary disarray.

Dark Horse updates every Wednesday, so you can read it for free here!

‘Til next time!


Blue Dragon

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