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Monday, Monday

Oh my gosh! (do you believe in gosh?) I finally got a job! Yaaaaay! I’m so happy!

Don’t think now that I’m gonna neglect you guys! It’s a part time job, and it’s night shift…er…I mean, LATE night shift, just how I like it.  And it’s part time, so I’ll have plenty of time to update here. In fact, it’s early Monday, so I thought I’d update a little early. I’m still getting over being sick (had a viral infection, yuck,)  so I’m still a little…blah.

I’ll be adding the next page of Dark Horse as soon as I finish this post, which means I’ll be updating the links on each page following that. A little info on my process.

I’ve been working more and more on sketching Volume 3 of Dark Horse…but it occurs to me, maybe I should be working on screen-toning Volume 2? Need to get on that…soon, too.

No images for you this morning. Alas! I apologize for that. I’ve got to work on my friend’s present soon, so I’ll have it up later.

Well, still feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m gonna close now.

Jyaa mata!

The Blue Dragon

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