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New Web-Short


Well, I’ve had a bit of time to work on some drawings of mine, and decided I’d post a little short I did for Dark Horse. Kinda like how Arakawa (mangaka of Full Metal Alchemist) has a few panels of “funnies” she does, I’ve been writing a couple for my comic. You can find it on the Web Comic page, but I’m also going to post it here.

I added a new comic on the “Links” page, so feel free to check it out. The official title hasn’t been thought of yet, so I just named it the same thing they did (A Day.) I also don’t have an image/banner for it, so just click the word and it’ll take you there 🙂

Ho hum, what else? Oh! I’m gonna try to post a new page of Dark Horse this week. I better go see what day I’m supposed to post! It’s been a while since I’ve done so (gomenasai!!!!!)

Well, if there’s anything new with you guys, drop me a line, or if you have a web comic you want me to link up to, please let me know. Have a nice evening!

New Web Comic:
I wasn’t thinking, so this one reads left to right…sorry! I should have made it right to left :*( I’ll fix it sometime. Anyway, now you can read ambidextrous!

Click to make larger.


The Blue Dragon


I did post a new page in Dark Horse, so feel free read it!

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