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Reunion Stuffs…

So last weekend…and I mean, the weekend before last, we had a class reunion for our college class. We were second year Cap Scholars (we now have to tag “Honors” on the end to differentiate between us and the new non-honors scholars. Not trying to sound pompous or anything.) It was really fun, and I got to catch up with some of my friends and aquaintances.

Anywho, one friend, who’s a programmer, reminded my friend and I we’d done some recordings for a time program he’d created. He made a little website with the recordings. It’s a fun little thing that most of you (if not all) probably don’t find interesting, but I thought it was fun 🙂 Reminded me of my college days.

Here’s the link, if anyone is actually interested:

In other, more artsy news, Isis is still in the running in the Sai Moe contest…but I don’t think I’ll win at all. It’s still fun to get some work done. You can see the website here:

Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff to post. But alas! I have three jobs now, and have difficulty updating of late. This is just for the summer. When I move in August, I hope to only have ONE job, if I can…Dang this stupid crappy economy!

Okay, well, I’ve gotta hit the hey. Sorry I haven’t been updating as much. I wish I could 🙁 I miss posting stuff!

Jyaa mata!

Blue Dragon

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