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Secret Santa, 2011

Good day everyone!

I finally finished my Secret Santa I got 🙂 The guy requested an image of Kamina and Simon (of Gurren Laggen) doing something “cool and blood boiling.” And I couldn’t think of anything more blood boiling than Ninja Gaiden 🙂 Though it certainly is a fun game.

Actually, now that I look at it, Kamina seems like he's posing for "Saturday Night Fever."

Since I participated in the drawing exchange, someone did a picture I requested, too (just like last year.) The dude who did mine is called “Sylux” on the forum. Here’s the art he made:

You can click on it for a larger image. Pretty kick ass! I asked for Tifa (FF VII) and Chun Li (Street Fighter) in a knock down drag out fight. He did an awesome job 🙂

Also wanted to let you all know that Dark Horse has been updated. I’m hoping to have some more ready for next week…but I may not have a chance to screen tone this weekend. You might want to swing by just to double check 😉 Thanks ahead of time!

Um…Nothing else new going on. Have a great New Year! And if you’re celebrating be safe! 🙂

The Blue Dragon

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