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Working on Something

Okay, I very shamefully told you a new Dark Horse page was coming…but when I worked on it last weekend, I must have been on some kind of natural high, because I didn’t realize…I’d already screen toned that page. So I got ready to upload it and…I was like…whoa, it’s already here, and better than what I just spent hours doing.


This past weekend was busy with my family. They came up for a belated birthday party. My family’s so cool! And I got the very last Full Metal Alchemist!!! Ahhhhhhhh! So excited. Sometime I need to do a review of that series 😛

Okay, down to business. I’ve been working on a couple various projects half-heartedly, but I’m gonna get back into the swing of things soon, hopefully. My work just keeps me drained 🙁 I need an office job bad. Here’s what’s up right now though. I’m designing am emblem/family coat of arms for an online game I’m part of. Better not tell my Dungeon Master…he wants DnD art…bad. Oops! *I’ll finish Myfanwy soon! Maybe do some pirate stuff, too.

So here’s what I got for the Code of Arms:

Click it to make bigger. Sorry for the poor quality. I had to work on it when I was the Chinese restaurant. Not really the best place for drawing, right? But the table size was nice 🙂 So the top one I think is what I like best, but I’m gonna have a vote with our family. Let them decide. Top one with the sword will have an inky, midnight blue background with silver sword and golden moon/stars. I think I’m gonna have to make the image horizontal, to fit the dimension requirements.

Second image there would have a black background with a green dragon. Yellow/gold moon or silver moon and fire (gold) coming from dragon’s mouth. It’s hard to tell, but there will be crossed silver swords in the background. Once a design is chosen, I’ll actually make it look decent. But sketches are all that’s necessary for the initial idea, I would think 😉

Well, Dark Horse will get back on track when I stop acting mentally disabled (sorry to anyone who has a disabilty, this is not meant to offend.) We’ll see how things go, and I’m hoping to get some drawing and coloring done soon! Thank you, as always, for your patience!

The Blue Dragon


Update! You probably know this, but the re-issues of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and Codename Sailor V are coming out! You can get volumes 1-3 of Sailor Moon, and volume one of Sailor V now! I was able to weasel vols 1-2 of Moon and vol 1 of V from mi madre! She’s so awesome!

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