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The Test Starts…NOW!

Giving you a little Yoshimi there (actually, it’s “Fight Test.”) Anyhow, hope everyone had a great holiday, if you celebrated Thanksgiving. And if not, I hope you had a nice weekend! Just wanted to jump in here and let ya know I updated the comic! Yay! And I made some changes and additions to the Shop, so feel free to check that out. Soon I’m going to be adding Siobhán to the Glossy Prints page. I also lowered the prices, cause I figure…why not? So just drop me a line if you want something. The info’s on the Contacts page.

Hm…What else? Oh, I’ve got lots of artsy projects I’m working on for Christmas, since I’m dead broke 😛 You’ll be seeing some new artwork coming up. I still have to color my DnD character, too. I think I should be able to get that done soon. So keep checking back every now and then, please!

I think that’s all for now. Thank you for your patience on the web comic! Life can be very busy sometimes! But, since you’ve been awesome, I leave you with this:

See ya next time!

The Blue Dragon

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