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Youtube Channel…Kind of Up!

Well, back from all the Holidays and it was time to get settled back in and back to work!

I recorded this video a while back, but editing, adding music, text, and all the like for videos is not as easy at Youtubers make it seem! But, I’ve got a video finally that I’m proud of, so I uploaded it to Youtube. I do not get ad revenue from the videos I plan to post.  At least at this time: once I start making income, I plan to purchase the music licenses for the songs in this video and start monetizing. That’s a long way off folks, so for now, this is just posted to show my progress and hopefully gain an audience of fine people who enjoy watching me flounder through the art world 😀


You can find this image for sale in The Shop, both digital copies and the hard copy painted here.


In other news! After having to skip a post for Act 5, and the Act 2 revamp, last week, our Dark Horse schedule is back on track! You can read Dark Horse FOR FREE (because, free stuff rocks, um…even when it doesn’t!!)

Comic Fury
Smack Jeeves

You can find me hanging around the forums on these sites, though admittedly not nearly as much as I probably should be. I’m most active on Comic Fury, of course.

Another happy little addition to the family is, after much debating, good advice, cajoling, and ado about nothing, I finally opened an Instagram page. Now people can look at how terribly I photograph my art XD

But seriously, it’s actually been pretty cool. And there’s a lot of neat art out there.

I will not be opening a Pintrest, though.

Nope. I’m not going to be opening mouth, inserting foot later on this one. I hope. XD

Have a fantastic 2019 everyone! And keep on truckin’!


~Blue Dragon


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